Brand your Code

QRC-Designer 4710 (SALE ON HOLD!)

Quickly and safely create as many design QR codes with large logos as you like. No forced redirection but direct link to your website. You get all rights to the created codes.

Price for single worksation license: 99 (including 19% VAT).

Online purchase & download (CURRENTLY ON HOLD!)

New in version 4710: Batch Processing
Automatically create lots of codes from an Excel spreadsheet.

New in version 3510
Datamanger with code types: SMS mobile text message, eMail, direct call, geo location, vCard (contact data)
.vcf vCard file import (e.g. exported from Outlook or XING)

Comfortable workflow integration
Load/save projects locally on your computer
Comfortable code inspection (zoom, drag)
Print size calculation (cm)
RGB .png and .jpg import and export
RGB .png export
CMYK .tif import and export (compressed)

QR control
Detailed QR parameters control
Print size up to 21cm / 8 inches (300dpi, code size version 5)
Manual QR mask pattern choice
Inline QR mode switching allowing very small codes

Module style filters: shrink / round / round-all
Exact overlay logo placement
Overlay logo transparency functions
Logo outline function
Module painting/forcing
Mask modules from logo (dark/light)
Background and foreground images
Overlay logo maximize function (with module masking and outline support)

Code verification
QR codeword display
QR blockwise error prediction and display
Affected modules display
Automatic recognition testing

Limitations of the current version
Codes can not be easily rotated (you have to rotate both input logo and resulting code externally)

Operating system: MS Windows Vista/7/8/10
CPU: 2.5GHz or higher
RAM: 2GB or more
Display: 1280x800 pixel or more

Check out the QuickStart and CheatSheet documents.

QuickStart Video

Basic QR Code

Design/Custom QR Code

QRC-Designer Extreme QR Code