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Specialized QR code design software for your desktop computer. More...

QRC-Designer Extreme QR Code
This is a new, special kind of design QR Code with an
extremely large customized area.
Extreme QR Codes are much harder to counterfeit than design QR codes or normal QR codes. They are among the most secure QR codes available.
for a quote and design sample with your logo.

Maximum Design QR Code
Custom QR Code with big logo.
now for an offer.

Free and easy basic QR Code Generator
With direct link to your website (no redirection).
Quickly generate QR Codes yourself.

FlexiQR Code Service
Generate, manage and redirect your QR Codes whenever you like.
Track scans: traffic, countries, sources. Now with custom domains.
Use cases: real estate signs, shopwindows, ...
for free test access.

Business card QR codes with contact data
With general company data or individual data.
Easy data transfer via (online) table.
Direct database connection possible.

Enterprise QR Code and Engineering Services
Need thousands of (design) QR Codes?
You have a unique QR Code idea?
for volume prices, automated or special solutions.

We support you in all QR Code matters.
to exchange mobile marketing ideas.

Basic QR Code

Design/Custom QR Code

QRC-Designer Extreme QR Code