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Examples of our work: Design QR codes and Extreme QR codes.

4DWohnRaum - with "Quiet Zone Crossing"

Portrait QR Code
Just for the fun of it: a portrait QR code (CC-ND).

Plant for the planet DQR

MZS - vCard Design QR code with general contact data

New module styles...

APA Advertising Media - Design QR code

City of Munich Home Construction Office - Design QR code

RKI Analytical - vCard Design QR code with general contact data

Tibco QR code

Bensonwood Homes Design QR code

Activision: Prototype2 Extreme QR code

Bosch QR code (Bosch Software Innovations)

Jack Link's ad (German) - direct order free food samples

Jack Link's: Feed your wild side QR code

Activision: Goldeneye Reloaded QR code - linking directly to a video

Make it easy for your customers to like you on Facebook.

Direct your customers to your twitter account to keep them up to date.

Extreme Design QR Code - Scan me!
Extreme Design QR Code: Scan me! (CC-ND)

Animated QR Code
An Animated QR Code.

There are plenty of ways we can style the code modules to suit your logo and brand image.
In the example above: standard, mosaic, rounded, bullets

Some atmospheric background module styles...

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Basic QR Code

Design/Custom QR Code

QRC-Designer Extreme QR Code